About Us

  • Established in March 2004, GEOFFERING is a comprehensive enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China mainly engaged in supply and export of construction materials and construction equipment including ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, doors and windows, shuttering plywood, Roofing material, Construction waterproof materials,  steel props, scaffolding, steel structure roofing and steel structure workshop etc., more details please feel free to visit www.china-geoffering.com
  • Starting Year 2008, GEOFFERING focused on serving European and African engineering buyers, established a good reputation for its good overall planning, shipping and project cost controlling abilities.
  • In Year 2014 and 2016, Ms. Michelle Zhang, the founder of the company, visited West Africa twice to understand the local dietary customs and discovered sensitively the business opportunities in poultry farming industry. By cooperating with the Côte d’Ivoire merchant E3CIT SARL, the two enterprises jointly built un upstream and downstream supply chain of poultry farming equipment in Côte d’Ivoire and spread the business in nearby West African countries.
  • Starting Year 2016, GEOFFERING expands its “2-lines” business with the advantages of its comprehensive supply chain to cooperate and guide overseas customers to develop in poultry farms, including building chicken coops, setting up automatic feeding and drinking lines, and establishing Automatic hatching system for poultry and so on.
  • In Year 2017, GEOFFERING exported fully automatic egg hatching equipment and slaughtering equipment to the Ministry of Agriculture of Papua New Guinea.
  • In Year 2019, GEOFFERING exported a complete set of paper pulp egg tray production lines to Benin and guided customers to set up the factory and the production line.
  • In Year 2020, GEOFFERING exported a complete set of chicken farm equipment to customers in Papua New Guinea.
  • Year 2020, under the hard circumstances of global epidemics, the limitation of personnel flow and the difficulties of cargo transportation, the animal husbandry industry around the world has a developing trend to be more decentralized and more individualized. To catch up with this trend, GEOFFERING carrying out technological innovation together with the producers of egg incubator, to launch a series of fully automatic household egg incubators and small industrial egg incubators, which are favored by small and medium-sized breeding farmers at home and abroad.

    We know very well that the international situation is so unpredictable, and the progress of the times never stopped. No matter how the world changes, the trade and cooperation between world-wide countries will never stopped. It is just the driving force for GEOFFERING to keep moving.

    ♥♥♥ GEOFFERING, the good offering…