Miwani ya kuku, miwani ya kuku ya kuzuia pecking

Anti-pecking Miwani ya kuku, Miwani ya kuku, muundo na shimo
Anti-pecking Chicken glasses, pattern with hole

Miwani ya kuku, pia inajulikana kama miwani ya kuku, ilikuwa miwani ndogo ya macho iliyotengenezwa kwa ajili ya kuku ili kuzuia kunyonya manyoya na kula nyama ya watu.

With wearing the chicken glasses, the chicken is not blind but still can see ahead. The chicken glasses are all in rose-red color as the coloring was thought to prevent a chicken wearing them from recognizing blood on other chickens which may increase the tendency for abnormal injurious behavior.

Chicken eyeglasses are an alternative to beak trimming, which is the removal of approximately one-third of the beak by a heated blade usually when chicks are 1-day old (About “beak cutting machine” please refer to PRODUCT menu) to reduce pecking injuries.

Size and using guidance of Chicken glasses
Size and using guidance of Chicken glasses

Put the plastic chicken glasses on the chicken nose and insert the beam on its nostrils, with this way the chicken could hardly  see each other effectively, so as to avoid the pecking and injuries.

Bidhaa features:
– 100% ya malighafi mpya iliyotengenezwa.
– Widely used in Chicken farm to be an alternative to Chicken beak cutting.
– Hutumika ndani ya siku 45 baada ya kuku kuzaliwa.