Automatic debeaking machine electric, Poultry debeaking machine from China

Electric debeaking machine automatic, Automatic chicken debeaking machine
  • Voltage: 220v (15% more or less)
  • Power capacity: 220~250w
  • Working capacity: 750~900 chickens per hour
  • Beak cutting temperature: 700~1000 ºC
  • Beak cutting speed: 0~4 seconds (adjustable)
  • Time preparation for cutting: 30 seconds max.
Automatic chicken debeaking machine, Size: 27×16×14cm, N.W/G.W: 7kgs/8kgs, Electric wire in 1.5m length
Main functions of the Electric debeaking machine:

  1. Fundamentally put an end to the phenomenon of mutual pecking.
  2. Reducing feed loss caused by cockfighting and the energy consumption of chickens.
  3. Improving the breeding environment.
  4. To avoid the undesirable growth of breeding chicks and laying hens caused by inappropriate beak cutting or un-cutting.
  5. To reduce the possibilities of high mortality, stunted growth, poor uniformity and less egg production.

The debeaking machine is mainly consists of transformers, electric motor, cooling exhaust fan and so on.  With the motor switch, heat regulator and pause regulator for hemostasis, the debeaking machine adopts the link type transmission part to make the low-speed electric motor drives the up-and-down movement of the heat cutter to enable a quick cutting and hemostasis.

Automatic chicken debeaking machine, Electric debeaking machine, Debeaking machine from China
Automatic chicken debeaking machine, Electric debeaking machine, Debeaking machine from China
Debeaking machine cooling fan, exhaust fan
Debeaking machine cooling fan
Debeaking machine heat cutter
Debeaking machine heat cutter
Debeaking machine fix cutter
Debeaking machine fix cutter

♥♥♥ How to run the beak cutting machine:

Step 1: Switch on the debeaking machine and wait 30 seconds for “machine heating”.

Step 2: Put the heat regulator on grade 4 and the pause regulator in stage of 4 seconds (could be adjusted according the using experience).

Step 3: Hold well the chick head and put its’ beak in one of the proper hole among the 3 holes according the chick beak size.

Step 4: The heat cutter goes down every 4 seconds to proceed the cutting automatically.

Company information

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