Why the Automatic pan feeding system could be more and more popular

For flat-ground chicken houses with a certain area, we recommend the farmers to install Automatic pan feeding line and Automatic drinking line to replace the common plastic pan feeders and water pans placed casually on the ground in a willing to minimize the feed loss and the labor fee wastage. More advantages of the Pan feeder line and Drinking line are as follows:

1. High level of automation:

The material level sensing system and the PLC programming system brings the feeding process a fully automatic control and a very simple daily checking requirement.

2. Timing and quantitative feeding:

A 5-speed control gear helps the feeding speed more scientific according the different stages of chicken growth and to reduce the feeding costs.

3. Larger feeder capacity:

The pan feeder is with 6 to 14 grilles in design, which can feed several chickens at the same time. The concave-convex bottom structure design could be very convenient for broilers to eat.

4. Low maintenance cost:

The engineering PVC made Pan feeder, is very strong in the characters of high strength, anti-aging, non-cracking, non-toxic, and long service life.

5. Saving of  farming cost:

The discharging gear of the pan feeder is equipped with an adjustment switch, which brings the feed discharging stable and evenly. It solves the problem of poor control of manual feeding and brings an effective labor fee reduction.

6. Upgraded Pan feeder:

The upgraded pan feeder could be fixed in position by adding a buckle, which could prevent effectively the chicken from hitting and rotating.

Company information

GEOFFERING LTD., located in Guangxi Province, South China, is an experienced producer, supplier and exporter in Poultry farming facilities and equipment aiming to help Poultry farmers to set up their business, to improve their productivity and to make money.

Modern poultry farming mainly relies on 2 main lines:
  1. Poultry hatching and farming
  2. Poultry feed processing
We bring in solutions for poultry farmers the household poultry breeding equipment and the farm use poultry farming facilities including:
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Nowadays, more and more breeding methods and new farming equipment appear in the modern poultry farming industry. We have been upholding the concept of “Scientific breeding, Safe operating and Efficient farming”, and will continue to upgrade our supply chain to bring more opportunities for poultry farmers domestic and abroad to increase their production capacity.