Automatic poultry drinking line, Nipple drip cup drinker line

Nipple drip cup drinker line, automatic poultry drinking line
The nipple drip cup drinker lines are always set up with the Pan feeding line in a same poultry farm.

For ground feeding broiler, broiler breeder, layer breeder, egg breeder and duck etc.

Installation diagram with full set Water front accessories
Installation diagram without full set Water front accessories

Main Components:
Water filter, Pressure reducing valve, Water level indicators, Exhaust device, hot-dip galvanized balance bar, nipple drinker, hanging cup, anti-dwelling line, and lifting device etc.

Pressure regulator set ( The left is Flush breather unit and the right is float ball pressure adjustment unit)
Pressure regulator set ( The left is Flush breather unit and the right is float ball pressure adjustment unit)
304# steel wire
Nylon rope
Tension spring
3/4 PVC round pipe with drilled holes
Cast iron pulley
Medium pulley
Galvanized steel pipe with galvanizing layer 275mg/
304# U-shape pipe clips
Plastic accessories (Water filter on the down right corner)

Product features:

1.  The ground feeding type drinking line serves the poultry a clean and hygienic drink water systematically.
2.  The whole drinking system is easy to be installed and easy to be used, with the advantages of water-saving, energy-saving and avoiding poultry diseases caused by drinking sewage, and improving the survival rate of chickens.
3.  The whole drinking line system can be raised up and lowered down according to the different age requirements of the chickens.
4.  Water feeding range capacity: broilers 8-12 per each, cage-raised reserve chickens 12 per each, breeders 8-10 per each and ducks 10 per each.

About the water level height setting:
* For 1-7 day’s old chicks, the water level should be in height 50-80mm
* For 8-15 day’s old chicks, the water level should be 80-200mm
* For chickens over 15 days, the water level should be 200-250mm

Water front accessories of the drinking line:
This is a special set units we called it “Water front accessories” , it belongs to a kind of Water treatment which is recommended to be installed in the front end of the drinking line if your budget allows.

For most of the water drinking systems, the quality of the water source is very important. The water front accessories not only has the functions of water supply and dosing, but also can flush out effectively the sediments and dirt in the system through the large-caliber cleaning pipeline, to provide a well protection to the whole system and to reduce effectively the workload of the system maintenance.

Drip cup nipple drinker:
The outer shell is made of high-quality engineering plastics, and the inner valve stem(we call it the Nipple) is made of high-quality stainless steel 304#, which can be moved up, down, left, and right within 360 degrees. The entire component is corrosion-resistant and in a working life more than 10 years.

Drip cup nipple drinker

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