How to get the best results from your plucking machine?

Many people do not know how to maintain a plucker machine. If you do not pay attention to protect and maintenance in daily use, the machine might go wrong easily. If you use it and maintain it in correct methods, we can extend the using life of the plucker machine.

  1. After the poultry plucking, flush the plucker machine with clean water to remove the smell, and wipe clean with a dry cloth. Once the plucking is done, place the plucker machine in a dry and cool place. Don’t lay it outdoor under the sun or under the rain.
  2. High-quality rubber fingers are recommended to fit for the plucking machine (We can supply it as well).
  3. To avoid damaging the motor, don’t put in any inappropriate or over-sized items in a running plucker machine.