Chick feeding plates, plastic chick tray feeder

For the new born chicks, the feeding plate is very necessary as it helps the chicks to find food easily. Of course you can also use this tray feeder for your adult chickens especially when you give the chicken some self-made porridge-like food.

The chick feeding plate is made of 100% new polypropylene, with smooth surface it makes the cleaning very easy. It is not only to be used for chickens, if you are a dog breeder, surely your puppies will literally pounce on the well-filled feeding plate.

Product features :


  1. 100% new Polypropylene material made chicken feeding plates, which are more rigid and more unbreakable and in long life use.
  2. The bottom reinforcement ridge makes the bottom plate more flat and in more stable placing.
  3. The convex points’ design in the feeding plate plays an effective anti-skid effect.
  4. Application : 1 to 7 days’ chicks
  5. Feed capacity: 2 feeding plates for 100 chicks.

Product descriptions:
Round type Chick feeding plates, Plastic chick tray feeders
Round Chick feeding plates, Plastic chick tray feeders, Size available Dia. 30~60cm
  • Dia. 30cm × H2.6cm, 95g/pc, 300pcs/ctn
  • Dia. 35cm × H2.6cm, 150g/pc, 200pcs/ctn
  • Dia. 40cm × H3.0cm, 220g/pc, 100pcs/ctn
  • Dia. 50cm × H3.5cm, 360g/pc, 100pcs/ctn
  • Dia. 60cm × H3.5cm, 650g/pc, 50pcs/ctn
Rectangle Chick feeding plates, Plastic chick tray feeders
Rectangle Chick feeding plates, Plastic chick tray feeders

Size: L55cm x W35cm, 400g/pc, 50pcs/ctn

Company information

GEOFFERING LTD., located in Guangxi Province, South China, is an experienced producer, supplier and exporter in Poultry farming facilities and equipment aiming to help Poultry farmers to set up their business, to improve their productivity and to make money.

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  1. Poultry hatching and farming
  2. Poultry feed processing
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Nowadays, more and more breeding methods and new farming equipment appear in the modern poultry farming industry. We have been upholding the concept of “Scientific breeding, Safe operating and Efficient farming”, and will continue to upgrade our supply chain to bring more opportunities for poultry farmers domestic and abroad to increase their production capacity.