Pellet feed VS Powder feed

Pellet feed feeding is more valuable for the growth of the chickens

Most of the time, the non-fine powdered feed can hardly meet our needs of scientific feeding, such as raising chickens. Chickens have a quirk (that’s not picky eaters). If they are fed with powdered feed, they will eat first the big granular but leave the small granular behind.

Usually the trace elements we mixed in the feed are mostly small granular, so the chicken may not be able to get those trace elements and the expected feeding purpose cannot be achieved.

Another example is fish farming. If we sprinkle powdered mixed feed into the water, the feed will melt in water, and not possible for the fish to eat the various ingredients in the feed. Therefore, we need a feed pelletizer to compress the powdered feed into pellets, which is convenient for poultry and livestock to eat and adequate intake of various trace elements. For pelleted fish feed, an expansion equipment should be attached with the feed pelletizer so that the expanded pellet feed can float on the water for fish to eat.

Company information

GEOFFERING LTD., located in Guangxi Province, South China, is an experienced producer, supplier and exporter in Poultry farming facilities and equipment aiming to help Poultry farmers to set up their business, to improve their productivity and to make money.

Modern poultry farming mainly relies on 2 main lines:
  1. Poultry hatching and farming
  2. Poultry feed processing
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Nowadays, more and more breeding methods and new farming equipment appear in the modern poultry farming industry. We have been upholding the concept of “Scientific breeding, Safe operating and Efficient farming”, and will continue to upgrade our supply chain to bring more opportunities for poultry farmers domestic and abroad to increase their production capacity.