Flat die pellet mill, home-use pellet mill, Feed pellet press

Feed Pellet Mill Machine is widely used by people who breed animals or people who are engaging in feed pellet production line for business. It can make pelleted feed for chicken, geese, pigeon, rabbit, cow, sheep, cattle, pig, rabbits, and so on. The reason why they make feed pellets is that pellets are a balanced combination of different kinds of nutrition for the better growth of livestock, poultry and other animals.


In recent years the technology of animal feed pellet mill has been mature and advanced, which leads the animal feed pellet industry developing quickly. Today the most widely used feed pellet mill in the market is Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill and Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill.
Flat die pellet mill, home-use pellet machine mainly for feed pelletizing
Flat die pellet mill with electric motor, home-use pellet machine mainly for feed pelletizing

Raw Materials to Make Animal Feed Pellets: To make animal feed pellets by feed pellet mill, we have usually corn/maize, alfalfa, wheat bran, grass, rice, beans, oil cake, etc. Normally the large size raw materials should be pulverized by hammer mill, and the protein or other nutrients could be added to the raw powder.

Feed pellet machine, Pellet feed machine, Animal feed pellet press, flat die feed pellet mill, ring die feed pellet mill

The flat die pellet mill also named home use pellet mill, it is a type of mill or machine press used to create pellets from powdered material. Due to its lower cost and simple construction, the flat die pellet mill has become the most widespread pellet mill at residences and farms internationally.

The feed pellet machine is to mix the powdered feed and extrude it into shape once. In the process of pelletization there is no need to heat or add water, and no need to dry it. With its natural temperature up to about 70-80 degree C, it can make starch gelatinized and protein solidified, so as to keep the feed ingredients stay away from mildew and metamorphism. By this way, the feed can be stored for a long time, which not only improves the palatability of livestock and poultry, and also help the animals to enhance their feed digestion and absorption. What’s more, the use of the pellet mill machines shorten the fattening period of livestock and poultry, and effectively guarantee the save of the production cost. 

Technical data of the home-use Pellet Mill
Model Power Output (kg/h) Measurement
PM-200 7.5kw/18HP 200-400 1220×470×1040mm
PM-260 15kw/18.5HP 400-700 1420×520×1140mm
PM-350 22kw/30HP 600-1200 1535×520×1250mm

According the demands of different customers, we can provide the pellet machine in 3 different driving power types: Electric motor, Diesel engine and Gasoline engine.

Flat die feed pellet mill, Pellet feed mill, animal feed pellet machine with gasoline engine
Gasoline-feed-pellet-mill, flat die feed pellet press

Advantages of Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill

  1. Wide application range.
    Most of the feed materials such as corn kernels, straw, stalk, rice, wheat etc., all can be processed by our machine. With high strength of alloy rollers to press and squeeze out the materials, you don’t need to purchase any additional crushing or milling machine.
  2. Flexible options of driving power.
    The conventional engine for this small machine is usually an electric motor. From what we have known that some remote areas are seriously lack of electricity, so we make the feed pellet press models in flexible design which can be driven also by gasoline engine or diesel engine.
  3. Wide choice of working capacity.
    We provide models with different capacities from 100kg/H to 1000kg/H. No matter you are just for your own home use or for industrial production, you can find your ideal machine. Here we list only 3 models which are the most popular ones.
  4. Low investment but high return.
    With full functions of low-temperature drying, cooling and sieving, the pellet mill works in a great efficiency but in a low investment. You don’t need to buy an additional dryer because the moisture of raw material is less than 13%.
  5. Good granulation and firmness.
    The rotating speed of the main spindle is about 60r/minute, and the linear speed of the roller is about 2.5m/s, which can remove the air in the material effectively and increase the product tightness.
  6. Easy operation.
    Just put the raw materials into the feed hopper and you get the final pellets from the feed outlet. What you need to pay attention is the feeding speed, in case there is any blocking in the feed inlet, just stop the engine and reduce the speed of feeding.

Two steps to choose a right Feed pellet machine

  1. Check how many animals you need to feed, we will make you a simple calculation to confirm what capacity of pellet mill is most suitable for you.
  2. Check what is the most convenient power for you, the feed pellet machine can be driven by gasoline engine, diesel engine or electric motor. Depends on your choice we will make for you the customized model in good combination of machine and power.

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