3000~5000kgs/h Poultry and Livestock Feed Production Line

As the world population is growing every year, there is more demand for food. To meet these demands a variety of nutritious food is required and chicken is one of the most consumed meats in the world as it can be used in making numerous dishes, that’s why we can see the demand for healthy chicken meat and eggs keeps increasing throughout the world.

Under this circumstance, Poultry feed production has also increased to provide healthy poultry feed to the chickens due to which 47% of the total feed produced in the world is the poultry feed.

The poultry feed mill plant makes and supplies food products for chickens, geese, ducks and some of the domestic birds. In earlier days, forage was the most common poultry feed like grains, garden wastes, household scraps, etc. With the rise of the farming industry, farmers became aware of the fact that those forages were not enough to give proper nutrients to the flocks. With this realization, requirement of healthy food products increased and more and more animal feed mill plant started to use modern technical machines and equipment to produce tonnes of these stuffs and started selling to the farms.

Model HGM-3000 Feed production line
Working capacity: 3~5MT/h
Total power: 49.7kw
Screw conveyor: Forced type, Dia. 220mm

Features of the Feed making machine plant:
  • The whole set of equipment integrates multiple functions such as crushing, mixing, dust removal and electric control.
  • Using the water drop shape crusher, the production line can be in higher crushing efficiency and in more stable and reliable operation.
  • The spiral ribbon blade rotor structure of the horizontal mixer makes the mixing uniformity of the material reach Min. 95%.
  • Very suitable for feed processing in large-scale breeding farms.
  • By changing the sieve, the production line can be use for producing Poultry feed (Sieve hole dia. 8mm) or Livestock feed (Sieve hole dia.2mm).

Setting up a poultry feed mill for business is not as difficult as it may seem. You will need proper knowledge of the business, a hard-working team, a suitable workplace, animal feed pellet machine and supply of raw material. So investing in this business is a good choice for you as it is an ever-growing business and its demand will never die rather it will increase more and more. Statistics show that poultry feed production has been increasing every year in different countries so starting this business even though the market looks saturated is still a better choice.

Anyone starting this business must first get a basic knowledge of which ingredients are good for which birds etc. because if there is any problem or if there is an imbalance of nutrients used in the production of pellets then the growth of birds can be affected badly. With this basic knowledge regarding the field, you can start this profitable business in a suitable market to earn immense profits in the future. Poultry feed pellet production business is continuously growing and thriving due to which you can always try making your name in this industry by providing quality products at affordable market prices. If you have any queestions about poultry feed mill plant setup, please contact us for professional technical supports!

Company information

GEOFFERING LTD., located in Guangxi Province, South China, is an experienced producer, supplier and exporter in Poultry farming facilities and equipment aiming to help Poultry farmers to set up their business, to improve their productivity and to make money.

Modern poultry farming mainly relies on 2 main lines:
  1. Poultry hatching and farming
  2. Poultry feed processing
We bring in solutions for poultry farmers the household poultry breeding equipment and the farm use poultry farming facilities including:
  • Automatic egg incubators, mini incubators
  • Chick feeding plates, chick tray feeders, open plate chick feeder pan
  • Plastic chicken feeder, chick feeder
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  • Automatic bell drinker, PLASSON drinker
  • Automatic pan feeder line
  • Drip cup nipple drinker line, Nipple drinker system, Nipple drip cup line
  • Chicken glasses, chicken eyeglasses
  • Chicken beak cutter, beak trimming machine, beak cutting machine
  • Plucker machine, chicken plucker, plucking machine
  • Feed mill, Feed production line, Feed making machines, Feed processing line
  • Feed pellet machine, Pellet mill, Feed pellet press, Feed pelletizer, Feed pelletier
  • …etc.

Nowadays, more and more breeding methods and new farming equipment appear in the modern poultry farming industry. We have been upholding the concept of “Scientific breeding, Safe operating and Efficient farming”, and will continue to upgrade our supply chain to bring more opportunities for poultry farmers domestic and abroad to increase their production capacity.