Demand exceed Supply for chicken and Eggs, leading to hot demand for egg incubator and hatching equipment in Africa

With the growth of income and the continuous advancement of urbanization, Africa’s demand for chicken and eggs has continued to increase significantly. Although the population of Africa is as high as 13% of the global population, its egg production is only 4% of the global amount, and the egg market is in short supply. In addition to population growth and urbanization, which has promoted the demand for chicken and eggs, the general increase in consumer education has also made people pay more attention to the nutritional value of chicken and eggs, which has further stimulated people’s demand.

According to our observations, taking the countryside around Abidjan, the capital of Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa, as an example, most of the farmers’ breeding method is relatively primitive, the breeding environment is poor, and the sanitary conditions are awful…All of these have seriously affected the healthy development of the chicken raising industry.

In order to improve this situation, learning good experience from other countries and creating a self-own suitable production mode is very important. Adopting automatic incubator, installing automatic pan feeding system, set up automatic drinking line, and using technical chicken feed…All are necessary measures for helping the local chicken industry a less detour and to increase production capacity.

To enable the local practitioners a clear mind for the relevant equipment involved in scientific chicken breeding industry, here we bring in a list of electrical equipment mainly for ground breeding according to the characteristics of most small and medium-sized African farmers:

* Automatic egg incubator

* Automatic drinking line

* Automatic pan feeding line

* Debeaking machine

* Plucker machine

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In the recent years, with the popularization of Internet, it is more easier for the African farmers to get advanced breeding information than ever, and the communication with outside world becomes more and more convenient. We can see that it’s just the great opportunity for the development of the chicken farming industry…Experts predict that by Year 2050, the chicken shortfall will reach 21 million tons, which is undoubtedly a huge benefit for practitioners or investors in the layer and broiler breeding industry.

Company information

GEOFFERING LTD., located in Guangxi Province, South China, is an experienced producer, supplier and exporter in Poultry farming facilities and equipment aiming to help Poultry farmers to set up their business, to improve their productivity and to make money.

Modern poultry farming mainly relies on 2 main lines:
  1. Poultry hatching and farming
  2. Poultry feed processing
We bring in solutions for poultry farmers the household poultry breeding equipment and the farm use poultry farming facilities including:
  • Automatic egg incubators, Mini incubators
  • Chick feeding plates, chick tray feeders, open plate chick feeder pan
  • Plastic chicken feeder, chick feeder
  • Twist lock chicken drinker, chick drinker
  • Automatic bell drinker, PLASSON drinker
  • Automatic pan feeder line
  • Drip cup nipple drinker line, Nipple drinker system, Nipple drip cup line
  • Chicken glasses, chicken eyeglasses
  • Chicken beak cutter, beak trimming machine, beak cutting machine
  • Plucker machine, chicken plucker, plucking machine
  • Feed mill, Feed production line, Feed making machine plant, Feed processing line
  • Feed pellet machine, Pellet mill, Feed pellet press, Feed Pelletier, Feed pelletier
  • …etc.

Nowadays, more and more breeding methods and new farming equipment appear in the modern poultry farming industry. We have been upholding the concept of “Scientific breeding, Safe operating and Efficient farming”, and will continue to upgrade our supply chain to bring more opportunities for poultry farmers domestic and abroad to increase their production capacity.