How to use Mini electric egg incubator automatic

The mini egg incubator could be run easily in just 4 steps, before that please get the machine and eggs ready:

  • Mini egg incubator
  • Breeding eggs
Mini egg incubator electric, egg incubating machine automatic, chicken duck goose quail egg incubator
Mini egg incubator electric, egg incubating machine automatic, chicken duck goose quail egg incubator

1) Preparation

Ensure the safety of the power supply before any use and choose normal size of eggs for incubation. The total weight of the eggs should not exceed the maximum loading weight allowed by the incubator. Keep the incubator indoor at a temperature of 14 to 30 degrees C and make sure there is no chemical, no highly vibrating item nearby.

2) Power on and water injection

About 16 ~ 24 hours before incubating, please turn on the incubator for “heating” without any water injection. After that you could inject clean water into the incubator water tank. The water level could be 50% ~ 65% of the water tank and min.5mm as the water depth. After water injection you could put on the selected eggs.

3) Start working

Covering well the incubator to see if the machine runs normally, otherwise you will hear sounds as a warning for machine “abnormal”. 2 minutes’ after, the red indicating light will be automatically on, telling you that the incubator starts the heating. In about 8 minutes, the indicating light starts flashing, indicating that it enters constant temperature operation.

4) Turn the eggs

Starting from the 3rd day, turn the eggs manually every 12 hours in the morning and evening to ensure the eggs are turned at least twice a day. The angle of egg turning should be 180 degrees so as to make the eggs an upward with the other side. When turning the eggs, better also to exchange the eggs loading position for example to adjust the edge displaying eggs into the middle, so as to improve the hatching rate. Please check also the water level in the tank while you make the egg turning and make sure there is enough water inside to keep the humidity of incubation.

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