How to do the chicken debeaking

Beak cutting is to prevent the chicks from wasting feed and pecking each other. The beak cutting should be proceeded at:

-The upper beak: From the beak tip to 1/2 of the chick nostril.
-The down beak: From the beak tip to 1/3 of the chick nostril.

The 1st time beak cutting could be arranged in 10 days after the chick’s birth. In case the first cutting is unsuccessful or the chicks are found to have a new beak, we can arrange the 2nd time cutting in 10~14 weeks’ chick age.

Please not to cut too long of the beak or mistakenly cut off the tip of the chick tongue, otherwise it will affect the feeding of the chicks. Please always watch-up the beak cut chicks to see if anything wrong, in case you find any chick in beak bleeding, please get hot cautery hemostatic treatment on the heated blade of the automatic debeaking machine electric.

10days' chick after beak cutting by automatic debeaking machine electric
         10days’ chick after beak cutting by automatic debeaking machine electric

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